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Who's Who in Sonoma: Tina Shone

This third-generation realtor loves Sonoma, the history of properties, and technology.

Who's Who in Sonoma: Tina Shone

Tina Shone is a third-generation realtor. When she was in her mid-teens, she began working in the business in a variety of capacities before becoming an agent. Shone grew up in San Francisco and Daly City, but after vacationing here regularly, her parents moved here in 1980.

“I visited frequently and since I had a place to stay, I thought I’d take a break from the city for a while. I realized I wanted to be close to my family,” said Shone. “People got under my skin, so I stayed.”


SP: What does it take to be a good real estate agent?

Tina: You have to like people, listen, have a good memory, intuition, and be a self-motivator. And a sense of humor.

SP: How have you seen the industry change?

Tina: Technology. You can look at the world on the computer, send documents from a phone and sign electronically!

SP: What keeps you fascinated?

Tina: The Bay Area has borne or attracted innovative people. City dwellers came here for the sun and mineral springs. I get to spend time at places that were created for and/or housed some interesting people. For example - the Spreckels Estate. Fabulous scale, Italianate architecture, beautiful land. I enjoy the stories and connections.

SP: How do you “get to know” each property?

Tina: My observations and great tidbits that owners come up with about their places.

SP: What surprises you?

Tina: Sometimes what a client describes is different than what ultimately fits their needs or what they connect with.

SP: What are your favorite types of properties to work with?

Tina: Depends on what I’m into at the moment. Could be a parcel in the country, or a home behind one I’ve sold, or a condo where there used to be land that stirs up memories. I enjoy the process of seeing how the land fits together on the ground and on paper.

SP: You see some luxurious properties.

Tina: There’s a small Palladian villa that was designed and custom built in the ‘80s, when not many people were building European style. At the time, it seemed over the top because they’d really paid attention to detail. It’s more prevalent now.

SP: Do you fall in love with properties you represent?

Tina: Yes! A parcel in the eastern hills, settled in the 1800’s by homesteaders, had optical illusions. It looked smaller and things closer until you walked it. Then it became very large and expansive. Century-old head pruned vines, that beautiful red dirt we have, oaks, a winter stream, and a spring that supplied water in an ingenious way. Those homesteaders knew what they were doing, picking that spot.

SP: Do you live in town?

Tina: I’ve been living in Sonoma with a plan to go back to Glen Ellen someday. A good friend and architectural genius, Clifford Conly, drew his last set of plans for a 1910 cottage we’ve had for years. The moonlight lights up the whole place - a pretty fantastic quality to start with.

SP: What do you love most about Sonoma?

Tina: The scenery, light, nature, small town atmosphere with proximity to the city, and not too far from the ocean. For years I’ve been blown away by how inventive and action oriented Sonoma is.

SP: If you weren’t selling real estate, what would you do?

Tina: I can only fantasize. Student on an archeological dig, basketball coach, tour guide, architect, salon hostess, painter, cake decorator…

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