Jul 28, 2014
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Do You Feel Safe Crossing South Pas Streets?

A 72-year-old man was killed Sunday after being hit by a vehicle at Pasadena Avenue and Arroyo Drive. Do you feel safe crossing streets in South Pas? Check out our map, and share your thoughts.

Do You Feel Safe Crossing South Pas Streets?

A recent pedestrian fatality at Pasadena Avenue and Arroyo Drive has prompted a group of residents to start a petition asking for larger signs/signals to protect pedestrians and drivers at that intersection. 

"They need a signal there," one woman, who was at the scene of the accident, commented on Patch. "It's a terrible corner. I was trying to stop and divert traffic so nobody else got hurt, people were flying right up to us." 

Officer Jeff Holland of SPPD's Traffic Division told Pasadena Star-News that pedestrian deaths happen "occasionally" in South Pasadena.  

He also said there hasn't been a pedestrian death in the Arroyo Drive crosswalk in the 17 years he's been on the force.

Patch Asks: Do you feel South Pas crosswalks are safe for pedestrians? Which intersections are safe? Which are you nervous to cross? Zoom in on the above map, and add your thoughts. 

Here's how it works:

1. Click the "Add" button in the upper righthand corner of the map. 

2. Under "Location," create an "Entry Name" (for instance: "safe intersection" or "needs a stoplight") and fill in the "Address."

3. Under the "Details" tab, explain yourself whether it be suggesting an alternate route or providing a safe solution in the "Description" box. 

5. Do you have photos or a YouTube video to share? Click on "Choose File" to upload your visuals under the "Media" tab. 

6. All done? You can "Preview" and then "Submit" using the tabs at the bottom of the box. 

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