Jul 29, 2014

Look Who's Been Filming in South Pas

A roundup of recent productions that shot in South Pasadena.

Look Who's Been Filming in South Pas

Friends veteran David Schwimmer is behind the camera for a sitcom that recently shot in South Pasadena.

"Family Guide,'' a single-camera sitcom centers on Henry, a son (played by Eli Baker) who idolizes his blind father (JK Simmons) and enjoys his mom’s (Parker Posey) newfound adolescence after his parents split,  according to TVLine.com. The production shot scenes in town from March 18-21.

The political thriller TV series "Scandal'' returned to the City of Trees on March 22 and shot scenes in the 600 block of Magnolia Street and the 800 block of Mission Street. "Scandal'' stars Kerry Washington. 

Lastly, producers used the 1400 block of Garfield Avenue and the 1000 block of Sycamore Avenue as a back drop for a Tide commercial.


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