Jul 29, 2014

South Pas Police Department's Halloween Safety Tips

Does your child's costume drag on the ground? Do you know the area where your son or daughter will be trick-or-treating? Check out these safety suggestions from local law enforcement.

South Pas Police Department's Halloween Safety Tips

With several calls over the last two months about unidentified men following and  South Pasadena Police is reminding parents to make sure their children don't trick-or-treat alone. 

The department sent out the following list of Halloween safety tips:

For Children:

Keep costumes short to prevent falls. Don’t trick-or-treat alone! Go with family or friends. Never talk to, or get into a car with a stranger. Never enter a home to get treats. Go trick-or-treating in neighborhoods you know. Know where the nearest “Emergency Call Boxes” are at. These are easily identifiable by their blue light at the top of a red pole. These emergency phones connect directly to the police department and located a certain intersections throughout the city.

Be sure masks don’t impair your vision or hearing.

 At night, carry a flashlight and stay in well-lit areas.

 Obey all traffic laws, cross streets at crosswalks and don’t “jay walk”.

Have your parents inspect all treats before eating any. Respect other people’s property, remember vandalism is a crime!

For Parents:

Apply reflective tape, or bright colors to costumes so your child can be easily seen at night.

Map out an area where your children will be trick-or-treating and consider having a “safe house” (this can be a friend’s house or a store), should children need a place to rest or go to in case of an emergency.

Never allow your children to trick-or-treat alone and know who your children will be trick-or-treating with.

Set a time limit for your children to be trick-or-treating.

An adult should accompany small children.

Provide your child a cell phone in case of emergencies.

While driving, remember to drive slowly ad watch for children, especially at intersections.

Inspect all treats before allowing your children to eat them.

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