Jul 26, 2014
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Where Should the South Pas Patch Editor Volunteer?

Help South Pasadena Patch Facebook get to 1,000 likes and the editor will volunteer for any nonprofit that benefits the community.

Where Should the South Pas Patch Editor Volunteer?

It's part ego, I'll admit it. 

When I check out the Patch Facebook pages around the country, and see the number of likes well into the thousands, it makes me think, yeah, I'd like to reach more people. More people means more likes and a greater possibility of sharing stories the South Pasadena community cares about. 

Don't get me wrong, I love that, at present, 973 people "like'' South Pas Patch Facebook -- but I'd sure like to bump that to 1,000. Want to help me be the first Patch in the San Gabriel Valley to hit 1,000? 

If I get to 1,000 Facebook likes, I will volunteer eight hours (the length of a relatively short work day) of my time at any nonprofit in the city or one that benefits the community in some way. Weekdays, weekends, day or night, I'd avail myself to whatever the organization needs. I'll rely on your recommendations. Just post them in the comments section below!

I'm thinking, if you're a South Pas nonprofit, and you've got a pretty lengthy email distribution list, perhaps one blast saying, "Hey, like this Facebook page and we'll get free labor out of it!'' might just do the trick.

It's really a win-win situation. You get extra help, I delve deeper into the community and I get to have bragging rights among my colleagues!

So, tell me: Where should I volunteer?

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