Jul 28, 2014

50+ Singles Dating Support Group

50+ Singles Dating Support Group
Are you 50+ and thinking about dating? Already frustrated because it's going nowhere? Change that NOW and achieve greater dating success.

                       New possibilities start July 8th.

Led by an experienced psychotherapist in a supportive and confidential setting, join like-minded men and women for a skills-based group experience that includes discussion, feedback, coaching, and practicing new skills both inside and outside the group.
  • Engage with other interesting 50+ singles also looking to meet their "special someone"
  • Learn the skills of online dating and how to best meet other singles on- and off-line  
  • Become aware of--and stop--unconscious self-sabotage
  • Learn to Flirt (yes, it can be learned!)
  • Assess your date for "partner potential"
  • Evaluate your expectations and priorities 
WHEN: Tuesday evenings July 8--Sept 9, 7:00 PM--8:30 PM
COST: $40 weekly or $350 10 week enrollment

Group size is limited
  Free parking in the building

http://http//www.suemandelphd.com/50-plus-dating-groups/ for more information and registration
Questions? Call 818-905-8568 or emaildrsue@suemandelphd.com

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