20 Aug 2014
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Are You An Emotional Scrooge?

Many single people walk around brooding over the holidays because they aren’t romantically linked to the man/woman of their dreams or lusting after their latest prospect.

Are You An Emotional Scrooge? Are You An Emotional Scrooge? Are You An Emotional Scrooge?

Whether a single or a duo, it’s an apropos season to celebrate exactly where you’re at right here and right now. You don’t have to wait for a guy to bring you flowers or a gal to declare her undying devotion.

Buy yourself flowers. Nurture your own spiritual garden. Look at yourself every morning in the mirror and marvel at what a catch you are. 

No matter where your journey has brought you thus far, everything is in perfect order according to the best possible plan for your highest good and the good of all those you care about.

It may not look specifically like your fantasy, i.e. you might not be in a blissful, passionate union; vice president of the company you’ve worked at for ions; or having a model type figure or optimum hair day, but you’re loveable and valuable just because you’re you.

Rather than pining for that special someone to magically materialize at your door, try spreading cheer and joy to whomever you encounter, wherever you go. There’s a treasure trove of folks that would be ever so grateful to get a greeting from you via phone, email, snail mail, or in person.

It’s a well known phenomenon that helping others will in turn brighten your inner spirits. Giving comes back in multitudes. You don’t have to profess bah humbug and act out the role of Mr. or Mrs. Scrooge. 

How on earth do you relinquish the part of Scrooge after years of playing the emotional anemic? What does it take to venture forth from the safety of your desert island of one? What are the signs that you even fall into this Modus operandi?   

Are you afraid to lay your cards on the table? Are you more comfortable pretending to be stoic and strong? Do your cohorts perceive you as the ‘nothing bothers me’ sort? In your opinion, does vulnerability connote weakness?

Do you withhold negative traits for fear you’ll be chastised or abandoned? Are you forthcoming regarding shortcomings? Do you withdraw and retreat rather than confronting obstacles, inviting them as lessons and learning tools?   

Will you go to any cost and spare any expense to insure you’re not the dumpee? Do you wait for your paramour to profess his/her love first, just in case your affection isn’t reciprocal?

What price have you paid for adopting this stance? Have you built up impenetrable walls only to find yourself an anti-social sourpuss? Have you kept associates at bay to the extent that you’ve never really had a sense of belonging or connecting to the wonderful world around you? 

Do you often feel isolated, alone, and empty? After decades of this pattern, it won’t be easy to change. Yet, if you’re honestly ready for a transformation, you’ll be amazed at how the universe will open up its glory to your reception. 

December is the perfect period to welcome miracles into your life. If you believe you will receive. All you have to do is think it, thank it, and be prepared for monumental treasures to arrive. 

These gifts may not appear in a neatly wrapped box with a ribbon on top. They’re more likely to emerge slowly, requiring patience and the practice of unrelenting determination. Don’t quit before the bonuses are revealed. They’ll be delivered the minute you recognize you’re deserving.

How do you raise your awareness level to benefit from the numerous riches in store? Observe the law of attraction by revamping your thought systems from within and altering your attitudes.

Back to basics: positive affirmations; journaling; dealing with childhood demons; gratitude lists; visualization; support from confidantes; relaxation and meditation; physical, psychological, and intellectual stimulation and self care.

Chanukah has just passed; it’s nearly a week before Christmas and Kwanzaa; and the New Year is approaching, providing ample opportunities to implement novel notions.

Singles Goal for the Week: Write down five things you love about yourself; five things you’re grateful for; five people you admire; and five people who appreciate you.

Plan to attend a fun single’s soiree on Christmas Eve at the Hilton Hotel, Woodland Hills, 6360 Canoga Ave., 91367. Festivities begin at 7:30pm with dinner served until 8:30pm.       

For $15 prepay/$20 at the door, enjoy dancing to a DJ spinning Sirius sounds from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s; and a buffet featuring gnocchi pasta with pesto sauce and sunflower seeds, penne pasta with marinara and meat sauce, chips & salsa, crudité with dip, and a fall harvest salad.  

Pay in advance at http://lasinglessociety.com/admin/articles/preview.php?article=1085; by check to Harkitt Corp, 4145 Nogales Dr, Tarzana, CA 91356; or by calling Fred Gansky, at 818-342-3311, with your credit card information.

Parking is $6 for valet or self-parking, or free on nearby streets.

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