23 Aug 2014
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Concern of the Environment Includes Your Fellow Creatures

Ed Begley Jr. is not only vegetarian, but concerned about all creatures great and small.

Ed Begley Jr. came to realize when he was 20 that protecting the environment also means protecting his fellow creatures, great and small.

He has leant his name and celebrity to causes for beasts that aren't local to his Studio City neighborhood, like the plight of elephants in Africa, and the decimation of orangutans in Indonesia.

"I decided to go vegan, and fight for the rights of animals in any way I can," said Begley. "I believe in the rights of all creatures. If we needed to kill to survive, we have and we would, as do many creatures in the wild. But that need no longer be the way we live."

As evident in other articles in this series (click on the green banner above,,) going green is a major part of Begley's life, and having a lower impact on the Earth includes not eating the beasts that walk the planet.

Begley said, "In striking a balance between our needs and the needs of the many other species with whom we share this earth, the balance is way out of whack. We treat many other animals as if they are merely 'resources' or 'spare parts.'"

Begley reminded, "They are living, breathing, feeling creatures that need to be accorded some measure of respect."

Check out these animal rights links, and see the video interview above that Begley gave to Patch about his concerns.

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