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Fall in Love for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is in full bloom, many single people feel a tinge of melancholy, wishing they were romantically linked, so they could rejoice in festivities with that special someone.

Fall in Love for the Holidays Fall in Love for the Holidays

Everywhere the media exploits couples in love, the perfect two parent family with little kiddies running ‘round the Christmas tree, while “It’s a Wonderful Life” plays repeatedly around the globe. 

Whether you’re solo or a duo, it’s an apropos time to fall in love, which doesn’t necessarily denote the passionate, sexual sort.

There are many methods to establish or renew your affection for people, places, and things. Here are a few suggestions.

Contemplate falling in love with your creative side. Pen your own short story, poem, Haiku, letter to a pal you haven’t corresponded with for ages, or send a homemade card to a cherished associate.

Ponder falling in love with your home by redecorating an area you’ve been longing to transform. Fashion a sacred corner in your abode, where you can access silence and quiet, thus nurturing your soul.

Set up a table with priceless mementos that give you a sense of peace and serenity, reminding you how loved and appreciated you are by your cohorts.

You might consider falling in love with a new author, a mystery you’ve yearned to read for years, or a biography of your favorite hero, recently published in paperback. Check out Bookstar or the Studio City Library for the latest tomes on innovative topics.

Reflect on falling in love with your favorite pet or better yet adopt one from the neighborhood shelter, giving him/her all the tenderness you bear.

Mull over falling in love with your community. Visit local shops and converse with store owners you frequently visit but never take the opportunity to greet.

Fall in love with the earth by tending to your garden. Prune roses, sow seeds, provide vegetables and greenery with specifically manufactured sustenance. Some believe talking to their plants help them grow and flourish.

Cultivate your psychological garden by communing with nature, meditating, listening to the still small voice within, recognizing your beauty both inside and out, revealing personal matters to trusted confidantes.  

You can reap the benefits of propagating a spiritual path by laying down a rich and strong foundation. When you focus on the footwork in front of you, you’ll be surprised how much prosperity and abundance you generate, resulting in a fruitful, fertile, and full life.

Fall in love with the poise and calmness you crave by discovering ways to boost your confidence and esteem. Recover or uncover a copious contentment by concentrating on affirmations and self care.

Become involved with aiding those less fortunate than you. Volunteer at a homeless organization, visit a senior citizen’s residential facility. Brighten up the day of the numerous underprivileged citizens residing nearby.  

Connect with your environment, delighting in the plush surroundings and scenery you’re usually too busy to admire, e.g. flowers, trees, parks, landscaping, the LA River, and other legendary landmarks.

Take into account the simple pleasures right here in our humble city. Walk down the boulevard and relish in the unique, charming, quaint small town ambience. Traverse our notable sidewalks, featuring the multitude of TV shows filmed in Studio City.

Honor your friends and family by expressing gratitude for the cherished, intimate bond you share. Practice this amorous acknowledgment on a daily basis. Convey your thankfulness in actions and words.

Fall in love with your body by treating it with kid gloves, making your physical health a priority. Hike the canyons; bicycle rather than drive, simultaneously protecting your environment; join a gym; prepare nourishing meals.

Once you fall in love with yourself, you’ll be ready to attract a compatible mate to worship you in the manner you covet and deserve. Behave toward yourself gently, kindly, and compassionately and you’re sure to allure the same in a sweetheart. 

If you’re already coupled, announce your monogamy, recommit your vows, revel in the occasions you’ve spent together, reaffirm all the appealing attributes that originally magnetized you.

This Wednesday, November 28th, take the opportunity to attend Dr. Dan’s singles’ soiree from 7pm until 11p at Cabaret Tehran Mediterranean Bar & Grill, 1610 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91436. Perhaps you’ll literally fall in love from across the crowded room.

Enjoy free light appetizers, dancing, and a no host bar. No RSVP necessary. Just arrive and let the magic of the moment envelop your essence, emitting exuberance to everyone you encounter!

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