Jul 28, 2014

Irene DeBlasio Writes 'Keep Studio City One!'

A letter to the redistricting committee.

Irene DeBlasio Writes 'Keep Studio City One!' Irene DeBlasio Writes 'Keep Studio City One!' Irene DeBlasio Writes 'Keep Studio City One!'


Here we go again! 

It is appalling what your idea of redistricting is doing to my community of Studio City!

It's obvious that you are trying to destroy the integrity of our residential and commercial cohesiveness by cutting us up and piecing us together with parts of other communities for the sole purpose of preventing certain groups of people from becoming powerful. 

This is why the public is sick and tired of career politicians who will stop at nothing to remain in power.  This is why our trust in you has sunk to the lowest level I can ever recall.

Our residents don't mind being joined with surrounding communities that have similar neighborhood goals and ideas as ours but we want the lines which are redrawn to be inclusive, not divisive. 

Don't cut us up intopicture puzzle pieces and attach part of our home community elsewhere.  We are a neighborhood and our merchants live here too. We will fight you at the ballot box and the wallet.

Studio City is OURS and we are ONE! 

Irene DeBlasio (resident for 40 years)

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