21 Aug 2014
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Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’

Do you believe it’s imperative to tell all on the first date? Are you anxious to get your history/herstory out in the open?

Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’ Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’ Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’ Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’ Is It Better To ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?’

Is it preferable to unveil the skeletons in your closet as soon as possible? Do you test eligible members of the opposite sex to discover if they’re enamored with the authentic you or just their idealistic image of you? Are you trying to separate fantasy seekers from those living in reality?

Do you think you’ll be pronounced dependent, pathetic, or cowardly, if your vulnerable interior masking your strong exterior, is exposed? Are you apprehensive your powerful façade is so convincing, you’ll be admired merely for what’s outside rather than what’s inside?

Is it compulsory to come clean regarding former lovers, sexual encounters, legal problems, health issues, family dynamics, psychological failings, emotional weaknesses, career difficulties, financial drawbacks, social shortcomings, employment fiascos, physical frailties, in an initial rendezvous?

Is there a difference between lying by omission and plain deceitfulness? If you aren’t forthcoming with the full facts, do you judge yourself as dishonest? Do you consider it cheating only after being found out or can you be deemed duplicitous even without your paramour’s knowledge?

On the other hand, do you shield your personal affairs, both literally and figuratively, private until you’ve determined it’s safe to share them or have a legitimate reason that warrants divulging details?

Do you maintain solid boundaries, only allowing your walls to be penetrated when you have evidence you can bank on your partner through thick and thin i.e. to stand by you, have your back, and keep your secrets under wraps?

How do you know if your amorous companion is trustworthy? What substantiation do you look for in order to decipher whether your mate is reliable, honorable, and faithful?

Do you need a marriage certificate to protect the sanctity between two lovers, or is the spousal privilege unnecessary when you’ve developed an impenetrable bond?

Many state that it’s unhealthy to reveal deep confidential matters during preliminary trysts.  Those who fit in this category are often unable to set limits and/or desperately covet approval.

Are there some things that should never be brought to light e.g. infidelity, scandals, slander, failed marriages, criminal activity, childhood traumas, any incendiary faux pas?

The key is in establishing a balance whereby you slowly disclose parts of yourself, based on establishing a profound intimacy and trust that classified info will remain as such.

If your sweetheart can’t refrain from divulging delicate data without your consent, it behooves you to seriously take a second glance at why you’ve chosen this individual to romantically hook up with.

Similarly, it’s essential to feel confident your honey won’t resort to using sensitive specifics against you or throw things in your face to hurt you during an argument. Fighting fair is indispensable in a long lasting, significant, nurturing connection.     

The most successful liaisons focus on the present and don’t dwell on the past or discuss the future ad infinitum. Everyone is at peace and secure in the present. That’s why they call it a gift. How your babe behaves in current scenarios is more relevant that what’s preceded this union.

That’s not to infer that where you’ve been isn’t important to indicate where you’re going and what motivates you. However, to reside there doesn’t benefit either party and may hinder you from celebrating the precious moments awaiting you.

What are your true motives for spilling the beans? Do you want to prove you’re right and that others have wronged you? Are you trying to justify your existence and demonstrate how noble and respectable you are?  Is your goal to impress a contender or persuade yourself you’re valuable and commendable?

Weigh the pros and cons of ‘allowing sleeping dogs to lie,’ prior to taking action. Would letting the cat out of the bag hurt someone else? Recognize that once the particulars are confessed you can’t take them back. Contemplate whether the resulting harm might be irreversible, destroying friendships and meaningful associations.

Are you striving to rid yourself of guilt? An effective method for alleviating regret from previous shameful deeds is ‘living amends,’ i.e. not repeating the same mistakes again. If you abstain from unacceptable interactions, you won’t have to continually apologize.

Embrace the process of ‘living amends’ by being the thoughtful, loving, caring, compassionate, benevolent, generous, giving, sympathetic, empathetic man/woman you’re meant to be.

Practice random acts of kindness, volunteer in your community, phone cohorts and ask how they’re doing, offer to assist an elderly or ill neighbor, treat those close to you with kid gloves.

Don’t miss one of the best events of the season this Saturday, October 27th from 8pm-2am as Wendell Baker pulls out the stops for his annual HAUNTED HOUSE HALLOWEEN PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA.

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This full costume party includes approximately 3500 square feet of a studio quality haunted house with performers and effects to tantalize your every move, titillate your every sense, and beyond. From one room to another, you’ll be challenged to experience the unexpected.

If you’re too terrified to enter the Haunted House, you can always assume the easy path and visit the Polynesian Village. However, beware since cave dwellers are constantly on watch. You’ll never fathom what or whom they’ll have a stab at!! 

The soiree is enclosed by an Enchanted Forest for a darker subdued ambience. Villagers will greet you with a live band…or mosey on down to where the DJ is playing your favorite taboo music. 

The thrill and excitement of the night will likely trigger your thirst buds. Be sure to step up to the voodoo bar for fine forbidden drinks....on the house!!

If your appetite is fostered, the food court presents delicious fare from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. plus scrumptious munchies continuing until the final phantom has flown the coop.

You’ll stay warm and cozy with the outdoor heaters. However, they may be superfluous, as hopefully, you’ll be cuddling with the guy/gal of your dreams before the crack of dawn.

There’s also great dancing happening to activate your endorphins and generate that inner glow and radiance, improving your chances of attracting Mr./Ms. Right.

Gather up your precious spooks, don your sexiest Halloween garb, and be prepared for the time of your life! A reasonable charge of $20 cash is payable at the door.   

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