Jul 30, 2014

Pinterest Has Suisun City Pinned

Users of the virtual pinboard are sharing their favorite pictures from Suisun for inspiration. Are you a Pinterest pinner?

Pinterest Has Suisun City Pinned

Tacking up your favorite pictures, magazine cutouts and souvenirs on a pin board used to be a teenage pastime. Now, everyone seems to be doing it — virtually, at least. 

The latest Internet sensation, Pinterest, allows users to create virtual pin boards and "pin" all the most inspiring, memorable and interesting pictures they find while surfing the web. The point? Pinners use Pinterest for a variety of reasons, including wedding planning, finding new recipes and collecting memories.

A quick search on the website for "Suisun City" reveals that Pinterest also has a collection of images from the city — capturing a stunning aerial shot of the waterfront, Dentist Mark Carmody's headshot and a plate of seafood risotto at Italian restaurant Pane e Vino.

So, go ahead. Take a virtual tour of town by exploring the Pinterest boards.

Do you use Pinterest? How? Let us know in the comments.

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