Jul 28, 2014

Solano Bell Ringer Goes for World Record

The goal is to hit 60 hours of consecutive ringing without food, sleep or even a stool to sit on.

Solano Bell Ringer Goes for World Record

A Solano County resident and Salvation Army bell ringer, Jason Perkins, is trying to break a world record: 60 straight hours of bell ringing. A Salvation Army spokesperson shared these details with Patch: 

If Jason is able to continue to ring the bell by 10 p.m., he will have accomplished a number that was last year’s world record for continuous hand bell-ringing (Record set by three different bell-ringers during the inaugural competition).  Last year, Jason turned in an impressive 57 ½ hours of consecutive ringing without food, sleep or even a stool to sit on.   
During this current streak, Jason has collected more than $3700 in his kettle. 
Jason started the bell-ringing on Tuesday at 10 a.m. in front of the Walmart Supercenter in Fairfield (2701 North Texas).   What started out as a competition among nine bell-ringers across the country has now turned into an event with just three competitors, which includes Jason.   

All bell-ringers, which include Salvation Army officers, staff and community members, volunteer their time to ring a bell. The bell-ringers participating in the world record contest will ring in various cities nationwide, at red kettles located at a destination of their choosing. Each participant must follow several rules that could push them mentally and physically during their attempt. 

Rules include: 
1.        Contestants must ring a bell continuously while at the kettle stand. 
2.        Participants must stand the entire time. 
3.        No ‘self-playing’ instruments or other aids may be used at any time during the attempt. 
4.        Contestants accrue 5 minutes of rest after each 60 minutes of ringing. 
5.        Breaks are the only time contestants are permitted to stop ringing, eat, sit or lie down, or leave the kettle stand, use the restroom or sleep. 
6.        Contestants may drink non-alcoholic beverages during the attempt, but that may not disrupt the ringing activity. 

        The record breaking attempt can be followed on  www.GoKroc.org/WorldRecord.

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