20 Aug 2014
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Killer Rambles in Court, Silenced by Victim's Family

Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, who kidnapped, raped and killed his fiancée, Elizabeth “Bipsy” Kellenbarger Amirian, 27, of Temecula, made rambling remarks at his sentencing.

Killer Rambles in Court, Silenced by Victim's Family Killer Rambles in Court, Silenced by Victim's Family

A man who fatally stabbed his fiancee 39 times, after raping her and keeping her prisoner for two days apologized to the woman's family in court today but was told to "shut up" by the victim's brother.

Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, 27, was convicted of murder with special circumstances in the death of his fiancée, Elizabeth “Bipsy” Kellenbarger Amirian, 27, of Temecula.

He was sentenced to life in prision without the possibility of parole today, following two memorial videos and remarks by her family and friends.

Wagstaff, was in the middle of a story about a Christian village in Rwanda during the 1990s, when Amirian's brother, Isaac, called out, “Okay we forgive you, just stop talking."

The killer kept talking, this time addressing his remarks to the victim's mother, Cheryl Plato.

“Thank you for your forgiveness Cheryl.

“I do deserve to be here. I’m not a saint. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

At that point, Isaac Amirian called out, "If you’re sorry, you would shut up right now.”

Amirian told Wagstaff that he is a "horrible person.

“I don’t think you get that.

“You could have been a man and pled guilty.”

Amirian told Wagstaff that she read in his sister's notebook that she was afraid to break up with the man who would turn out to be her killer.

"She did not know you and she did not love you,” Amirian said.

Outside court, Amirian remarked on Wagstaff's Rwanda words.

"It showed me that he's really dense."

Before the sentencing, Amirian's mother, Cheryl Plato addressed the court and spoke of her sadness and grief.

Plato said she cries every day, saying that when no one is around “I just scream and scream.

“I just can’t wait to be with Bipsy again.”

Prosecutor Jennifer Garcia said that she had rarely seen such a violent murder.

He should never be let out of prison, she said.

“This man has expressed no genuine remorse.”

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