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Temecula's Trevor Moran Makes 'THE X FACTOR' Cut

Trevor Moran, 13, of Temecula, makes it past the audition phase of TV's "THE X-FACTOR" with a singing and dancing rendition of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It."

Temecula's Trevor Moran Makes 'THE X FACTOR' Cut Temecula's Trevor Moran Makes 'THE X FACTOR' Cut Temecula's Trevor Moran Makes 'THE X FACTOR' Cut Temecula's Trevor Moran Makes 'THE X FACTOR' Cut

Temecula’s singing and dancing sensation, Trevor Moran, made the cut Thursday night when “THE X FACTOR” aired on FOX TV.

There was a question whether Trevor would perform after he collapsed on the holding room floor during Wednesday’s episode. Paramedics were called, and the drama left viewers with a cliffhanger.

The diagnosis: he suffered a case of dehydration and was good to go a few hours later.

“It was 100 degrees that day,” said Tim Moran, his father who along with Trevor’s mother Nicole and brother, Blake, accompanied him to the San Francisco audition.

“We were sitting outside most of the day and just came inside and he needed to rest. He got a little anxiety and got a little excited.”

Trevor bounced back and wowed a screaming crowd with a singing and dancing rendition of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

It was the final episode of auditions for Season 2 of the reality show that is looking for that performer with the X factor.

In next week’s episode, Trevor will head to Boot Camp in Florida along with the other contestants who made it through the audition phase.

Prior to appearing on “THE X FACTOR,” Tim told Patch his son has done a couple of TV show pilots as well as a commercial for Google. He is also becoming a YouTube sensation.

“He has this thing where he goes into Apple stores and dances,” Tim said.

The family tends to travel, Tim said, and so whichever city they are in, Trevor takes his act to the local Apple store.

While he hasn’t caught the attention of Apple yet, Trevor was featured in presentation for Mac Life magazine, his father said.

Trevor’s singing career began when he was 2 years old.

“He started memorizing songs on the radio; he learned how to read because the car had XM Radio and he would recognize the artists and songs,” Tim said. “That is how he learned how to read.”

He has grown to be the quite the performer.

Trevor is in eighth grade at a local charter school, which allows his mother to take him to auditions.

In contrast, the couple’s oldest son, 18-year-old Blake, attends public high school.

“They are polar opposites,” Tim said. “Blake grew up as a skateboarder and played baseball, and Trevor does performing, acting and singing.”

Blake supports his brother and was present during the episode’s taping that aired Thursday.

As for how far Trevor will make it on “THE X FACTOR,” Tim said: “What happens now we can’t tell you. What happens now is reality television.”

Follow Trevor’s TV journey by watching the “THE X FACTOR” on Wednesday and Thursday nights on FOX.

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