Jul 30, 2014

Tip Of The Week

Tip Of The Week
"DO NOT install Microsoft patches or updates sent by email (They are fake) Microsoft never sends out patches or updates by email. There are no exceptions. Keep that in mind and you won't be a victim of a Microsoft patch hoax. The first time I received one of these, I sat down at my workstation and saw an email message from Microsoft telling me to install the patch they had handily supplied as an attachment. I knew this was bogus immediately. We sent out a voicemail quickly warning all employees not to fall for opening attachments that offer to install any kind of software. That was March, 1999. Every 18 months or so, someone tries this hoax again by crafting and sending out a phony email complete with a Microsoft look-alike logo, spoofed return address, links, etc., and some text assuring you that this is all the real thing. It isn't."

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