Jul 29, 2014

Creek Diva: Beer-Milk Confusion & Bait-and-Switch Ice Cream Man

Walnut Creek police reports from Oct. 15 to Oct. 20, including a tagger busted mid-tag.

Monday, October 15

Milk does a body good. A caller was concerned after seeing an unknown subject “trying to open a beer” in the parking lot of Bancroft Elementary at 7:23 a.m. The person in question was actually drinking milk while dropping off a relative to school.

Several DUI related arrests occurred today. As the holiday festivities are right around the corner, please remember to plan ahead to get home safely.

Tuesday, October 16

Busted. A quick-thinking parent snapped a photo of a juvenile who was allegedly “seen tagging a wall on the Lilac overpass” at 9:17 a.m. The juvenile was arrested.

Con couple. A couple passed $600 worth of counterfeit bills at a store at Broadway Plaza this morning.

Kudos … to the kind citizen who found a wallet at Petco this afternoon. The owner was located in the parking lot.

Inappropriate questions. A 13-year-old-girl was working on a computer at the downtown library when a man in his 20s approached “asking her personal and inappropriate questions.”  Parents, at what age do you let your kids go to the library alone?

Wednesday, October 17

Deceitful ice cream man! There’s an ice cream man who allegedly who isn’t giving change back to his customers on Cedro and Avellano in the afternoons. Instead he gives candy. Police were unable to locate the man in question.

Home burglary. A home on the 2100 block of Belford Drive was burglarized in the afternoon.  A TV, computers and jewelry were reported stolen.

Thursday, October 18

Bad actor. A man was arrested on charges of terrorist threats after he allegedly showed up to his ex-girlfriend’s job on the 200 block of Ygnacio Valley Road at midnight. He was seen “screaming and yelling at her” and “tried to hit her with his car when she tried to get away.”

Friday, October 19

TV tussle. Two neighbors on the 1400 block of Creekside got into an altercation over the volume of television at 5:13 p.m. The neighbor finally agreed to turn down the volume and officers advised both neighbors.

Laptop taken from vehicle. A laptop was reported stolen from a locked vehicle that was parked on the third floor-parking garage on the 1300 block of Locust Street this afternoon.

Saturday, October 20

Multiple DUIs. The WCPD was very busy this evening with several DUI-related arrests and a few arrested for assault, drunkenness and narcotic related charges. A bouncer at Vice Ultra Lounge was assaulted by a patron, which resulted in an arrest and a broken nose.

Stolen power tools. Numerous power tools valued at $2,100 were stolen from a truck that was parked on the Vista Hermosa overnight.

Appalling behavior. A WCI student allegedly paid another student to “punch him in the groin” while riding the bus. The victim was hurt badly enough it warranted a trip to the doctor.

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