Jul 29, 2014

Four DUI Arrests In Walnut Creek Over Thanksgiving Holiday

The figure coincides with a 47 percent increase in vehicle fatalities in California.

Four DUI Arrests In Walnut Creek Over Thanksgiving Holiday

The roads of Walnut Creek and California were a little less safe this Thanksgiving season. 

According to Lt. Tom Cashion of the Walnut Creek Police Department, four people were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving between Thanksgiving and Sunday. 

Across California, Thanksgiving weekend DUIs were down with 224 arrests statewide this year compared to 227 in 2011.

However, road fatalities were up over last year,  according to the Contra Costa Times. There were 31 deaths on the roads from Wednesday evening through Sunday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol, compared to 21 for the holiday weekend in 2011. Many of those who died were not wearing seat belts.

Drugs and alcohol, however, may not be the main culprits. Officials say that sleep deprivation, routine change and stress over the holidays were more likely the cause of the recent fatal traffic accidents. The fatalities remain under investigation, but CHP says there are no initial reports of drug or alcohol involvement.

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