Jul 30, 2014

Presidential Debate 2012: Top 5 Issues

Both candidates were armed and ready in the second installment of the Presidential debate.

Presidential Debate 2012: Top 5 Issues

The last debate two weeks ago, proved to be tepid compared to this week's debate which took place at Long Island's Hofstra University.

The two candidates, President Obama and Governor Romney were not behind any podiums. The Town Hall setting may have helped contribute to the swift come backs from both.

Candy Crowley, moderator for the second debate was ready to rumble with her blunt style and clear voice as President Obama and Governor Romney exchanged views on various topics.

Here are 5 topics that seemed to stand out:

  • Preserving energy sources like solar, wind, and bio-fuel
  • Gas prices
  • Unemployment
  • Women in the workplace
  • Tax cuts 

While issues like LGBT rights seems to miss the radar again, gun control was a concern and was attributed to American parents on both sides.

Romney's 5% Plan also seemed to get some heat, questioning some on the details of how much it will cost, while Obama's last term was a failure as stated by Romney on occasion.

If you missed the debate, or want to experience the excitement again, you can watch it on the Youtube Politics channel.

What were your favorite parts of the debate? Did you think President Obama and Governor Romney went too far in their tough banter between each other? Patch wants to know in the comments section below.

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