Jul 30, 2014

Young Artists/Musicians Win Merit Scholarships

Young Artists/Musicians Win Merit Scholarships
The Friends of Civic Arts Education foundation recently honored nine Civic Arts Education students with merit scholarships. 
Last year, the Friends introduced the first-ever Kathy Nelson Music Merit Scholarship.  The scholarship, named after long-time CAE program manager Kathy Nelson, helped six talented music students continue their studies.
This year, in addition to music scholarships, the Friends offered the first Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking (DPP) Merit Scholarship. A total of eight $250 scholarships – four in music and four in DPP were awarded in addition to three $100 Honorable Mention scholarships in music.
The winners for this year are:
Drawing/Painting/Printmaking Winners ($250 awards)
8th grade and under:              Shira Bachman (Vallejo)
9th – 12th grad:                        Anna Reck (Walnut Creek)
Adult/College/Other:             Julia McLeod (Walnut Creek)
 Music Winners ($250 awards)
5th grade and under:              Anna Ravid (Walnut Creek)
6th  - 8th grade:                        Nyah Santiago (Benicia)
9th - 12th grade:                       Adah Forer (Walnut Creek) 
Music Honorable Mention ($100 awards)
5th grade and under:              Lia Kim (Walnut Creek)
5th grade and under:              Aaron Zheng (Walnut Creek)
6th – 8th grade:                        Taylor Lai (Walnut Creek)

For more information, contact the Friends at 925-939-2787, email friends@walnut-creek.org or go to www.friendsartsed.org.

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