23 Aug 2014
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Do You Have The Factory Card?

The "V.I.P. Card" offers free admission to the venue for over six months.

Do You Have The Factory Card? Do You Have The Factory Card? Do You Have The Factory Card?

They say “the best things in life are free,” but twice a year that old adage is proven wrong at The Factory’s Popstarz Card Night.

Popstarz at is a hotspot for drinks and dance floors every Friday night, but the fun can come at a cost - $10 every visit, which if you are a regular, adds up to $520 a year.

Then there's Card Night.

Bi-annually, hundreds shell out $20 for a Factory Card, which grants them free admission to Popstarz for over six months.

“On top of making going out on Friday night more affordable, there’s also the camaraderie created with my friends who have the Card," said West Hollywood resident Geoffrey Clifford. "It makes Popstarz a routine for our weekends."

The venue and event promoters rely on these “routine” visits from patrons, but they are also taking advantage of the current state of popular music to reel in customers.

“The music industry has returned to dance music. And take a look at what’s popular on TV - So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew,” said Popstarz host Brian Schulze. “Popstarz creates an environment for people to let go and dance. Imagine hearing your favorite song blasting on the best sound system – it's intoxicating.”

And recently Popstarz has turned to a partnership with to create even more buzz for the venue.

“The Factory has upped its game in the playing field by hiring mega artists to come and perform,” Schulze said of the venue’s Hype(r) nights that has previously been host to pop icon Robyn and this week will feature Luciana and a repeat performance by Kelly Rowland, who performed at the inaugural Hype(r) night earlier this year.

With a scheduled performance by raps hottest new diva, Nicky Minaj set for April 22 and rumors of Jennifer Hudson and Britney Spears performances being whispered around the gayborhood, Popstaz is most certainly staying on the minds of the notoriously fickle West Hollywood nightlife crowd.

“I enjoy Popstarz for always playing music I like and there’s always people I know I’ll run in to there,” Clifford said of the venue that hosts two dance floors – a main one featuring Top 40 hits and another side floor that plays guilty-pleasures from the ‘80s, '90s and early 2000s.

While dancing and pop music might not be for everyone, Card Night also provides the opportunity to get deals all over the city.

In addition to six months of free Popstarz admission, those who purchase a Factory Card this Friday will also receive a 10 percent discount to the popular , one month free tanning at Sunstyle Tanning, 20 percent discount at boutiques, plus many more deals good for as long as the card is valid.

But, of course, Popstarz promoters hope the venue and vibe remain the main attraction.

“People want to perform in their own way to their favorite songs in a club with a great DJ and a huge dance floor instead of hanging around a dreary cocktail bar with casual conversation,” Schulze said. “That is why Popstarz was created.”

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