Jul 30, 2014

Stonewall Democrats Postpone Endorsement Vote

Problems with credentialing paid members causes club to reschedule its vote for endorsing the 50th Assembly district candidate until Aug. 27.

Stonewall Democrats Postpone Endorsement Vote

50th Assembly district candidates Betsy Butler and Richard Bloom will have to wait another month to find out who will get the endorsement from the Stonewall Democratic Club.

The club was scheduled to hold its endorsement vote Monday night. However, problems with credentialing members caused the club to postpone its vote on the 50th Assembly race until its next meeting, set for Aug. 27.

Scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., the meeting was an hour late getting started due to the credentialing problems.

Club officials discovered they were using an outdated list to determine which members’ dues were paid up. Only paid members can vote for the endorsement.

An up-to-date membership list was not readily available as the member in charge of keeping those records was in Europe on vacation.

The club credentialed 76 people to vote, accepting people’s word whether they were paid up. However, as soon as the meeting got underway, the members voted to postpone the vote until August, wanting to assure the integrity of the endorsement vote.

The club did approve endorsements of less controversial races via an approval vote of its consent calendar.

Last week, the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Democratic Club was forced to after Butler failed to get the required 60 percent of that club’s vote for the endorsement.

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