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[Update] Avon Official Election 2011 Results

Here are the vote tallies for five municipal races.

[Update] Avon Official Election 2011 Results
  • Race Results:
RaceCandidateUnofficial Vote TallyTown Council (Vote for any five) William J. Shea II (D) 1,795David Peña (D)1,841Douglas M. Evans (R)2,084*Mark W. Zacchio (R)2,359Pamela V. Samul (R)2,005Christopher A. May (R)1,866Board of Finance (Vote for any three)Brian M. Stoll (D)1,786Brett F. Eisenlohr (D) 1,723Dean D. Hamilton (R)1,863*Tom Harrison (R)1,873Board of Education (Vote for any five)Wendy J. Howard (D)1,883Houston Putnam Lowry (D)1,556Michael R. House (D) 1,505Ames B. Shea (R)1,919*Brian P. Glenn (R)2,179Jeff Bernetich (R)2,009Board of Assessment Appeals (Vote for any three)Laura A. Mensi (R)2,172
Heather A. Maguire (R)2,293
Stephen E. Hunt (R)2,085Zoning Board of Appeals (Vote for any three)Gina R. Aube (R)2,247
Brian J. Ladouceur Jr. (R)2,085
Terry Ryan (R)2,118
  • Bold denotes the board and council winners.
  • * denotes highest vote-getter

Reaction from the Democratic Party

  • "I'm not pleased," Elaine Primeau, Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman said, "I would have like to see a much more balanced representation on the different boards. When you have better balance, people actually have to listen to each other for their opinions."
  • "I have been truly blessed in being able to serve Avon for the past 26 years," William Shea II (D) said. "I have met some wonderful people who I now consider friends and I have learned a great deal. I worked hard with others on a shared vision to make Avon the best town it can be. I have benefitted from the kindness and generosity of the voters in the past and I respect their decision and choice now. I wish the Town Council and the management team for Avon all the best. I would be remiss in not thanking my family and friends for all their support."
  • "They're disappointing. I will certainly miss a good friend on the council, an advisor who has given me guidance over my two terms on the council,"David Peña said. "I also think the town has lost a great individual on the council, who has given guidance to many people. He will certainly be missed by the townspeople. He was very trustworthy. He had a good perspective on addressing issues that came before the town. He offered advice not only to me, but the whole council. We certainly respected him in his thought process.The town is going to miss Bill."
  • "Although the results of the election were obviously not what I was hoping for, I completely respect and accept the outcome of the voters’ decision, and I very much appreciate all the support in this election and previous elections," Brett Eisenlohr (D) said. "It’s not likely that I’ll run again in the near future but public service is in my blood so anything is possible.  I tip my hat to all of the winning candidates and wish them all the best of luck to further strengthen the Avon community."
  • "We're going to miss Brett on the Board of Finance," Peña added. "He had a very good way of addressing the Board of Finance issues."
  • "I'm certainly happy for the Democratic winners," Wendy Howard (D) said. "I just wish we had more of them. I'm sad we lost Billy Shea and Brett Eisenlohr. The Board of Education went as expected."
  • "It's bittersweet. I'm thankful to have been elected. I thank people for coming out to vote," Brian Stoll (D) said. "We lost a very good person in Brett Eisenlohr. He will be missed. I look forward to serving and working through waht will be a tough time with paying for storm recovery."

Reaction from the Republican Party

  • "I'm most proud of the people in Avon who came out today given the 22 percent without power when the polls opened," Brian Ladouceur Jr., Republican Town Committee chairman said. "It's real testament as to why Avon is such a terrific community. I'm extraordinarily happy with the results and taking back the fourth council seat, obviously through the hard work of the candidates and volunteers. I'm happy that the Board of Finance retained both Republicans and that the Board of Education added three new Republicans to assist with continuing outstanding education in Avon. Our message for the start was Avon succeeds when Republicans lead and I thank the voters for entrusting to us that responsibility.
  • "I'm very pleased. I'd like to thank the voters who voted for me and the entire Republican team," Brian Glenn (R), highest vote-getter of the Board of Education candidates, said. "Thank you for voting for us. I'm looking forward to serving and helping out a lot of kids. It's going to be a great ride."
  • "I can't believe them (the results)," Christopher May (R). "I think that everybody ran a wonderful race. And I congratulate all the people who helped me out. I want to thank my competitors, both Republicans and Democrats. I want to thank all the people who took the time to come out and vote given the circumstances that Avon's been through with the recent storm and all the power outages. It's time to look forward to improved responses to emergencies, so we may not have the lapse of time to restore necessary services to the people of Avon."
  • "I think it was a great outcome and the right one for Avon," Ames Shea. "I was excited to run. I'm excited to serve. People elected me and that' s who I'm there to represent. I hope to do a good job for the people who elected me."
  • Stephen E. Hunt (R) said, "I'm happy to continue to serve the town and Avon. I look forward to four more years serving the town I grew up in and I love to be in."
  • "I want to congratulate the voters of Avon, who in the face of all the problems with power and trees were able to get out to vote today. It's a tribute to their love and support for our wonderful town of Avon," Board of Finance Chairman Thomas Harrison (R), the highest vote-getter, said. "I want to congratulate all the candidates from both parties who were willing to step forward to serve the town. Win or lose, they did themselves and Avon proud.... I have always tried my best to put the interests of the town first, and I pledge to continue doing that. We live in a very financially challenging time and the Board of Finance will continue to manage our tax dollars prudently."

Editor's Note: This post was updated on Nov. 11 to add quotes from Board of Finance member Brett Eisenlohr and Town Councilman William Shea II.

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