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Dr. Smith's Kindergarten Readiness Tips

Dr. Kevin Smith will be posting tips for Kindergarten Readiness through the next several weeks.

Dr. Smith's Kindergarten Readiness Tips

Kindergarten Readiness "Tips of the Week"

Bethel Public Schools has created a website chock full of kindergarten readiness information and activities. It can be easily accessed by logging on to:


 Information is in both English and Spanish.

Below is a selection of activities from the Literacy Page. Try these at home with your child:


Reading Activities:

The most important thing you can do is read to your child at least 20 minutes each day! Immerse their lives in language… talk to them, listen to them and make connections with what you are reading to life around them!!! Most importantly, make reading FUN and interactive!!!


§  Make reading part of your everyday routine

§  Always have books with you (in the car, purse, bag)

§  Read and reread favorite stories

§  Go to the library

§  Point out something that happened in a book you read as you see it happening. Example: “Look a red bird just like in the book ___!”


Activities for reading aloud:

            Make predictions about the story based on the cover:

  • ·         Ask your child what he or she thinks the book will be about based on the picture.
  • ·         Ask your child what they think might happen in the book OR
  • ·         What they think the title could be


Introduce the ideas of “title”, “author” and “illustrator” by reading those components as you prepare to read the book!


Read with a natural melody. Book time is a soothing time and relaxing time for everyone!


Have your child predict what the book is about and what will happen next. Don’t turn the pages right away…wait for your child to tell you what he or she thinks might happen next…wait for them to tell you to turn the page so they can see!

Turn the book towards you at times and read the story…Encourage your child to tell you that he or she cannot see!!

Take a picture walk

  • ·         Let your child tell you about the story in the book by looking at the pictures, labeling the actions they see and talking about what they think will happen next (before you turn the page).


            Talk with your child about the story

  • ·         As you are reading, stop and discuss the story with your child

o   What do you think is happening?

o   What might happen next?

o   Why do you think that is going to happen?

o   Who is your favorite character? Why?

o   Has something like this ever happened to you?

o   How do you think the character feels? How would it make you feel?


  • ·         Read with lots of expression to bring life to the story. Children become excited to listen to a story the more you read with excitement. If you come across a word that your child may not know, ask them what they think that means: “Sally was ecstatic to go to the party. Ecstatic? What do you think that word could mean?”


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