If you are a lover of all things Bethel, especially peeks at the past, eBay is a most unlikely source of treasures to peruse.

A glance at items currently up-for-sale show some true treasures, more than just the usual postcards.

An intricately illustrated and detailed authentic wall map of Danbury and Bethel in 1852 is up at auction with the bids starting at $775.  If you are a collector of local history, it may be worth it.  The streets are listed with each residents home noted on the street.

One home in particular is noted by the seller, “The map is typical of a landownership map in the amount of information it contains about women, but the picture of the grand home of Mrs. Barnum is unusual. Relatively few women are indicated as owners of such large dwellings or of the named buildings shown on these maps.”   Click here to view.

Another interesting item is  a vintage certificate for amateur ham radio time, from the Erickson family in Bethel in 1947.  It’s a little different than the usual picture postcard, and only one dollar.  Click here to view.

A promotional postcard from Bethel Shoe Store and Shoe Repairing, owned by L. Carosella, sports a quaint poem about Tioga Oak Sole Leather.  The decorations assure you that your shoe leather will help you make friends.  Auction begins at $5.99.  Click here to view.

The last item is a small matted engraving that shows the original Congregational Church before the second building was added.  Dated 1836, the seller states that it is indeed an original and not a reproduction.  Click here to view.


Always be sure to read the fine print if you purchase items on eBay. Check for authenticity versus reproductions. 

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