I eat ice cream all year long. And now that it's summer, that just means I eat it even more!

Have you ever gone to an ice cream parlor and just wished for a flavor that wasn't available? Or are you the type who mixes flavors and comes up with awesome (or sometimes not awesome) creations? 

A.) You're awesome.

B.) Please send some milkshake flavor suggestions to Newtown's Ferris Acres Creamery

The creamery posted the following on Facebook

The Creamery is on the lookout for new milkshake flavor suggestions for an upcoming event. We would love your ideas!!

There's already 83 comments on the post — have you weighed in yet? My favorite suggestions so far are oatmeal stout, bacon maple walnut and green tea! And I really love that the creamery is at 144 Sugar St. Can it get any more fitting than that?

Don't forget to tell us your ideas too! 

Did You Know?

Ferris Acres Creamery is on Instagram and so is Newtown Patch! Use #ferrisacrescreamery and #newtownpatch to show us what your favorite Sugar Street treats are! 

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