Jul 30, 2014
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What's Open in Bethel Post Snowstorm

Where to go in Bethel if you're out of power.

What's Open in Bethel Post Snowstorm

The October snowstorm has knocked the power out of more than 90 percent of Bethel residents. So what is still open?

Based on Facebook and Twitter updates, the following is open in Bethel: 

  • The municipal center will open at noon Sunday for showers, warmth and charging.
  • Pro Access Teen Center and Senior Center
  • Big Y on Stony Hill
  • Bethel Sportsplex
  • New Colony Diner
  • Caraluzzi's 
  • English Apothecary (has no power, will stay open as long as possible)
  • The gas station next to the Sycamore
  • True Value of Bethel
  • Armando's 
  • Per Tutti Pizza
  • Wah Lah (offering charging)
  • Old Heidelberg will be open for dinner Monday
  • Dunkin Donuts on Grassy Plain Street
  • A New Beginning (offering charging)

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