Jul 30, 2014
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16 Highest Mill Rates in Connecticut

The highest mill rate in the state is more than seven times the lowest.

16 Highest Mill Rates in Connecticut
After last week's lowest mill rate countdown, this week’s list focuses on the 16 highest mill rates in Connecticut, ranging from 34.99 to a high of 74.29 at No. 1.

A few small-to-medium towns made the list, though most of the highest mill rates were found in Connecticut’s cities and larger towns.

(Property taxes are calculated as the number of mills for every $1,000 of assessed value. A home in Meriden assessed at $500,000 owed $17,495 in 2013.)

The list does not include boroughs, fire or special tax districts in the mill rates.

Next week: Lowest Taxes Paid in 2013 (mill rates applied to median home values)

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