Jul 26, 2014
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Alleged Terrorists Could be Tried in Connecticut

Barring a successful appeal, two men accused of recruiting people to fight Western forces could finally be tried for their accused crimes in Connecticut.

Alleged Terrorists Could be Tried in Connecticut

Two men wanted by federal authorities in Connecticut for allegedly raising money and fighters to combat forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere can be extradited and tried in court, ruled the European Court of Human Rights.

The Hartford Courant reports that Babar Ahmad and Syed Tahla Ahsan, citizens of the U.K,, are accused of “conspiracy to provide material support for terrorists, providing material support for terrorists and conspiring to kill or maim people in a foreign country.” They allegedly did so by operating a website.

The Guardian interviewed Babar Ahmad’s sister, who said they will appeal the case, which could delay extradition to Connecticut.

British Prime Minister David Cameron praised the decision by the France-based court.

"I am very pleased with the news,” he said, reported The Guardian. “It is quite right that we have proper legal processes."

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