Jul 28, 2014

Does Touting Local Mean Pricey Produce?

Do you support passing a bill to require labeling produce "local?"

Does Touting Local Mean Pricey Produce? Does Touting Local Mean Pricey Produce?

Labeling, promoting and selling Connecticut-grown produce is a peachy idea, but some said it’s too pricey.

Henry N. Talmage, Executive Director, Connecticut Farm Bureau Association said there is a significant interest in local foods and farm products.

However, passage of the bill to label products and promote home grown products would place an “unreasonable burden on grocery stores to comply,” Talmage told the General Law Committee.

According to a 2010 University of Connecticut study, agriculture is a $3.5 billion industry comprising over 20,000 jobs in the state.

During public hearings State Rep. Craig Miner, a Republican representing towns in the 66th House District, including Litchfield, said the bill supports current public policy to try and keep business in state.

“I think what it does is it helps the consumer connect that last dot, which creates a stronger market for locally grown, and I don't think has a negative impact in terms of any other business that might go on in the state of Connecticut,” Miner said.

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