Jul 30, 2014
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Drop-in Meditation: Improving Relationships

Drop-in Meditation: Improving Relationships
Improving Relationships
Start the year off with a new view...

Relationships make up the fabric of our life…wherever we turn, we are interacting with others. In this series, we will learn how to identify and let go of negativity that interferes with developing and deepening our love for others. Buddha taught simple methods that we can practice that will not only improve relationships in our life, but also help us to perfect our good qualities and bring out the best in the others.  

Classes include guided meditations, advice for daily life, discussion, and time for questions. Drop in to any or all of the classes in this series…everyone welcome!
February 4:  Wisdom in Relationships
Drop-in Donation: $10 or free for Members of Odiyana Center
Contact: info@odiyana.org / 860-266-6041

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