Jul 30, 2014
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Letter from Branford Schools on Newtown Tragedy

The following is a letter from the Branford Board of Education and Superintendent Hernandez regarding the Newtown tragedy.

Letter from Branford Schools on Newtown Tragedy


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Friday’s horrific and shocking event has had a profound impact on our shared sense of security. Our entire school community is reeling from the unimaginable tragedy that Newtown is dealing with and they shall remain in our collective thoughts and prayers.

Many children will ask questions about the event and it is important that you provide the level of information you feel is appropriate for your child. In an effort to provide you with support when responding to questions, hyper-links to on-line resources are available on our school website. You may consider reviewing these resources and incorporating suggestions from them when responding to questions from your child.

We also encourage you try to limit your child's exposure to media coverage of this event, difficult as that might be. On Monday and in the days ahead, Branford Public Schools shall focus on maintaining a level of normalcy, but we will also to be prepared to support students and staff. In whatever way is necessary reassuring our students that their schools are safe and that we work together to maintain a safe learning environment is paramount at this point in time. The administrative team and staff have been advised about the importance of validating the emotions expressed by students and to guide them back to our normal routine.

In addition to supporting students and staff, every employee of BPS is reminded to follow our security procedures and practices. We must all understand and welcome any minor inconveniences associated with following simple rules and procedures, as these rules ensure the safety of our students and staff. Branford Public schools are safe, and although our sense of security has been shaken, it is well within our power to reassure our students and each other that we can contribute to the overall safety of schools and community by adhering to procedures and by maintaining a healthy sense of awareness.

In closing, we wish to restate the importance the board and district place on maintaining, and when necessary, improving our school safety. To that end, our schools conduct planned drills, and our emergency plans are reviewed regularly. In the weeks ahead, our collective effort will demonstrate to our children and the community that our highest priority is providing a quality education in a safe environment for all.

Hamlet M. Hernandez
Superintendent of Schools

Frank Carrano
Frank Carrano Chair, Board of Education

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