Jul 30, 2014
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Meet the Candidates: Maryann Amore for Fourth District RTM

Previous two year servant, Maryann Amore seeks another term on the RTM.

Meet the Candidates: Maryann Amore for Fourth District RTM

Name: Maryann Amore

Years of residence in Branford: I was born and raised here, and was a resident through college (22 years), then returned here to be closer to my family in 2004.

Party affiliation: Democrat

Position running for: A seat on the RTM, representing the Fourth District

Branford Patch: When you’re not sitting in committee and full meetings, what are you doing? i.e. work and fun?
Maryann Amore: I work with Primerica as financial coach for working families helping build financial stability (i.e., retirement planning, etc.)  I also work as a consultant/grant writer for nonprofit organizations.  I have had a long career in community, housing, and career development programs, as well as in adult and other "second chance" education programs.

Those who know me from my high school days will confirm my great interest in theater, music, and the arts in general.  I am a frequent visitor to the Yale School of Music programs, Long Wharf Theater, and more experimental venues in New Haven and New York.  I am also an avid reader.

Branford Patch: How many years have you been a sitting member of Branford politics?
Maryann Amore: I previously served for two years on the RTM.


Branford Patch: How long have you been actively engaged in politics in general?
Maryann Amore: I have been politically aware and active for a very long time, beginning with community development and activism in Philadelphia, where I lived after college.  I became active in Branford's political scene shortly after relocating here, as a way of reconnecting with my home town.  I began by joining the Branford Democratic Town Committee in 2007; I am currently the DTC secretary.

Branford Patch: What and when was your first foray into politics?
Maryann Amore: I have been involved in community organizing since the late 1970s;  my first experience with gaining an elected position was in 2009, here in Branford.  

Branford Patch: What’s your 10-second elevator pitch for getting elected?
Maryann Amore: I want to be sure that the hard-working families of the 4th District, where I grew up, are able to have access to and a voice in the workings of Town Government.

Branford Patch: What’s one thing right about Branford politics?
Maryann Amore: Unk DaRos. I have lived and worked in many places, and have experienced great leadership and bad, and I know great leadership when I see it. The town is lucky to have him. His respect for all people at all levels, his ability to listen and compromise are peerless.  Don't let the recent "noise" distract you from his record . . .

Branford Patch: What’s one thing you’d like to see changed?
Maryann Amore: I would like to see civility and respect returned to as the dominating forces in Board of Selectmen and RTM meetings.

Branford Patch: Regardless of your party affiliation, can you name one good thing about the current First Selectman Anthony “Unk” DaRos and one good thing about his challenger, Joy McConnell?

Maryann Amore: About Unk, see above! About Joy McConnell - I recently met Joy in a volunteer context, and found her sincere and willing to work.  I don't know a lot more about her.

Branford Patch: What has been the most exciting national election you have every voted in?

Maryann Amore: Of course, that would have to be the election of Barack Obama as President.  But I am old enough to remember (though not enough to vote for!)  the excitement that the Kennedy campaign generated, and the controversy it generated even on playgrounds at the time.  Local? That would have to be the primary election for governor between Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy. 

Branford Patch: What’s one piece of advice you would give apathetic voters about the importance of casting his or her ballot?
Maryann Amore: In tough times, ESPECIALLY in tough times, it is easy to tar all politicians with the same brush.  We are often driven by frustration to vote against something rather than for something, and in doing so, inadvertently vote against our own best interests.  People are angry or afraid because of this recession, and don't know where to turn.  I would ask them all to look closely at the DaRos record, to see how well Branford is doing compared to our neighboring towns, and to turn out to vote for a continuation of that record.  By opting out, a voter could end up in a lot worse shape.

Branford Patch: What’s the one thing that you like best about Branford?
Maryann Amore: Branford is more beautiful than many of the wealthier shore towns, more real, more diverse, and more welcoming.  I love the fact that working families can get a huge bang for their tax buck, find great, affordable housing, good schools, a responsive town government - and live in a community that welcomes them. 

Branford Patch: Why did you decide to run for re-election?
Maryann Amore: I would like to help Branford achieve the goals and vision of the DaRos administration, and to continue to be a voice for the very vital Fourth District.

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