Jul 28, 2014

Owenego Bliss

Owenego Beach Club is the ultimate summer escape, especially for those not vacationing this summer.

Owenego Bliss

My favorite escape of all time is about to open again for the season.  The , located in the Indian Neck section of Branford, will be opening again come mid April. Although it is a bit too cold to jump into the Sound, there is still something so awesomely quaint and charming about this old inn.  And old it is– we’re talking the 1800s.  However, it doesn’t look that old today.  Now it is a place to socialize, have a wedding, attend an event dinner/dance, or just stop in for a night cap before heading home– and that's just evening activities. 

During the day you can play tennis, swim, boat, send your child to camp, or just hang out under a tree and read.  There is no pool, no air conditioning, no golf course, and no air of “only the rich and fabulous are allowed here.”  Instead it is an old fashion beach club that welcomes everyone in the lounge after 5 p.m.  To sit by the fireplace in the early spring and have Frankie winking at you as you watch the beginning of the baseball season is really just a tantalizing taste of summer.   Summertime is when you can claim it is "too hot to cook" and head to The Hungry Dog Café for a light dinner. Then send the kids to the playscape so you can gather with friends out on the green lawn and feel the cool breeze from the sound.  Ahhh, there in nothing like the Owengo.  A quick and glorious escape!

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