20 Aug 2014
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PHOTOS: How Are You Preparing for Sandy?

From filling sandbags to buying gallons and gallons of water, Branford residents prepare for Sandy.

Kim Norden might be slight in build but she worked with the strength of several men on Saturday as she filled sandbag after sandbag – her defense against Sandy’s imminent attack on her Short Beach home. “The last time there was water in front of my house this high,” she said pointing to her chest.

Norden who lives on Shore Drive across from Long Island Sound was joined by neighbors Leon and Cathleen Collins who were also filling sand bags down at Public Works – fill-your-own sandbags are available at PWD, 137 N. Branford Road, to residents through the weekend or while supplies last. The Collins family said they live 800 feet from the beach but saw flooding due to a creek that runs past their home. The plan is to erect a sandbag wall creek-side Leon said.

The Collins and Norden said they are nervous for this storm, recalling the damage Irene caused. Leon said he has a generator this time and feels he’s more prepared. Norden said last year they didn’t prepare any sandbags. “We didn’t do any of this last year, I can tell you that,” she said.

Linda and Peter Anderson who live on Linden Avenue weren’t sure if they were going to weather the storm or evacuate their home. According to the Fire Department there have been no mandatory evacuations at this point for Branford residents.


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“I think this is scary,” Linda said. “I can’t believe this is happening two times in 14 months.”

Linda who is a member of the Linden Shores District Board said she’s really concerned about the newly erected sea walls installed along Linden Avenue.

Pawson park resident George Brier who lives in the last house on Linden Point lost most of his belongings during Irene. He had to gut his house. While filling sandbags this morning, he said, he was just about done repairing the home from last year’s damage. Thinking about Sandy, which is supposed to make landfall Monday into Tuesday, Brier said he’s hopeful that she will turn. “I’m thinking the storm is going to move east instead of west,” he said. A nearby neighbor piped up: “Wishful thinking.”

How are you preparing for Sandy?

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