23 Aug 2014
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Santa Calling: Register Your Little One Now!

The Branford Park & Recreation Department is patching-in Santa's calls from the North Pole. Here's how to sign-up:

Santa Calling: Register Your Little One Now!

With a Ho, Ho, Ho and a ring of his bell, Santa can call your child straight from the North Pole with a little help from your friends at the Branford Park & Recreation Department. 

Continuing their tradiation, the Branford Park & Recreation Department's Santa Hotline will be offered again this year. The hotline will give your child an opportunity to talk directly with Santa himself, the Park & Rec. states on their website. 

Want your child to eat all his vegetables or stop fighting with this sister? Santa will be able to pass on any instructions from you as well as chat with your little one about what he or she wants this year for the upcoming holiday.

The hotline will be held in the evenings on Dec. 11 to 13 and 25 lucky Branford children will get calls from Santa each night (75 limit). 

Pre-registration is required. Residents should call the office or  click here to download the form (also see attached PDF). 

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