Jul 28, 2014
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Short Beach Gets Walloped By Waves [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

The windy weather is really kicking-up! How are you seeing the stormy day in your neighborhood?

*Reminder if you see a downed power line call 911*

On a tip from a relative who lives on Beckett Avenue in Short Beach, Patch trekked out mid-day during this windy storm to document waves that were allegedly washing furniture and beach-access stairs away. When we arrived… well let’s re-phrase that… when we tired to arrive on Beckett Avenue but could not due to a flooded street, we knew the claims were real.

Reminiscent of Irene, Beckett Avenue was indeed flooded; waves crashed over the seawall and sprayed onto patio decks. A set of beach-access stairs were floating past area homes as the high tide carried them out to sea. According to various high tide charts online, today’s peek tide was over 6 feet just after 1 p.m.


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The fierce wave action was the same across the neighborhood, with waves crashing over the main thoroughfare as well.

Shore Drive resident Jerry Czech stood on his front porch watching a neighbor clad in rain boots rake seaweed brought in by waves from the roadway. “This,” he said gesturing to the crashing waves, “is unusual.”

Czech, an eight-year resident of Short Beach, said Irene was the only time he saw the conditions in his neighborhood worse than they were today.

While there was immediate no flooding to homes street-side, Czech said during Irene, the water was several feet high around his home. His place, he added, is six feet above sea level so he has actually never seen it flood.

As we drove through town, we saw stop signs bending in the wind and a basketball hoop uprooted in a resident’s driveway. How are you seeing the affects of this windy storm today? Let readers know in the comments and add any photos or video you have. Just be careful! This Patch Editor did get wet in the making of this story!

Check power outages on the CL&P map. 

 Weather Report 

Downed Trees, Power Outages
(If you see a downed tree or power line, call 911 and be sure to add the tip in the comments section here for readers).  

Wind gusts are expected to reach up to 50 miles per hour or more, with sustained winds of some 20 to 30 miles per hour throughout the day today.

The weather service warns the high winds could lead to downed limbs and trees in, as well as scattered power outages.

"This potential will be enhanced in areas of heavy showers or thunderstorms," the meteorologists reported.

'Isolated Tornado' Possible

In a  hazardous weather outlook alert also issued for today, the weather service warns today's storm system could also bring with it "heavy rainfall with isolated flash flooding."

"Local severe storms with damaging wind gusts and possibly an isolated tornado," the meterologists stated in their report, adding minor coastal flooding is also possible.

The nasty weather is expected to be at its height late this afternoon in to the early morning hours tomorrow.

Extended Forecast

Today's high is expected to reach about 75 degrees. Tomorrow the rain and the clouds are expected to clear out by the early afternoon, with a high of 71.

And Thursday is expected to be a picture-perfect last summer day: sunny and 75 degrees — a weather trend that is expected to continue into at least Saturday night.


Weather report provide by Madison Patch.

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