20 Aug 2014
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With regard to that on-going land dispute on Crescent Bluff Avenue in Branford, which is in the Pine Orchard Association, it seems quiet inappropriate that the town has intervened in the lawsuit, and that Senator Aniskovich is now the town's attorney.  His wife, Jennifer is on the Pine Orchard Association Board.  She has her own agenda.  She has convinced the Pine Orchard Association, which operates with Pine Orchard residents' dues, to also intervene in that lawsuit.  She contends that she has used some of the disputed land for years, and that it should be public property.  My question is, why doesn't she PAY for her OWN  attorney and stop manipulating the board to use our dues to fund a lawsuit, which has nothing to do with the Pine Orchard Association?  The fact that her husband is now the town's attorney, and that on behalf of the town he is engaging in this litigation is clearly a CONFLICT OF INTEREST, since his wife is doing the same thing as a Pine Orchard Association Board member.  At the very least Jennifer Aniskovich should be removed from the POA Board.  If she wants to fight for a private street to become public, let her hire her own attorney and USE HER OWN MONEY.  If she wants to enjoy the shoreline let her buy a house there.  BRANFORD Taxpayers and PINE ORCHARD residents are footing the bills for this litigation when neither the town, nor the Pine Orchard Association has ANY business in this matter.  It's a land dispute and residents shouldn't have to foot the bill for that. It is a PRIVATE legal issue between the homeowners on Crescent Bluff Avenue.  The fact that taxpayers' money and residents' dues are going for a litigation on one street in Branford is outrageous!  Further, the waterfront litigants involved in the lawsuit pay dues to the Pine Orchard Association and ironically, their own dues are being used to litigate AGAINST them.  Anyone that knows about Crescent Bluffs legal issues, knows it has been going on forever.  Imagine what kind of "billable hours" the new town Attorney will be charging the town!!  What is going on here, and why aren't the taxpayers and Pine Orchard residents up in arms?  Senator Aniskovich will be paid by the town for this litigation, and his wife will benefit as his spouse.  She has to be removed from the POA Board and residents of Crescent Bluff need to pay for their own legal issues.  Come on everyone.  Don't let this go on!

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