Jul 28, 2014

Worst Parking Lot in Branford Goes To…

Really? You’re just going to park your car like that and go shopping?

Worst Parking Lot in Branford Goes To… Worst Parking Lot in Branford Goes To…

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Last week I was making a trip into the Stop & Shop on Leetes Island Road and noticed a car parked nearly sideways in a handicap spot. It got me thinking about troublesome parking lots around town.

Stop & Shop can be tough to navigate, but I think I’d have to say that Branhaven Plaza where Big Y is, might be the worst. Let us not forget the unlicensed driver who careened into Radio Shack and Justice for Girls in the plaza last December.

But Branhaven Plaza isn’t the only place where driving goes wrong. A woman decided to dine-in at Yooki Yama last January in the center of town.

What are the most troublesome parking lots in town in your opinion?

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