Jul 26, 2014
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Adorable Chaos

The unexpected perk in parenting.

Adorable Chaos

Yes, you read that correctly. I think chaos is a perk, a benefit, a gift of parenthood. A little chaos is good for you. It helps you stretch and grown and learn new things about yourself. I decided to embrace it and enjoy my time with my three girls as much as possible.  

In the midst of the fighting and making up, the shrill screams and soft whispers, the hugs and the shoves, the baths and the endless snacks, I took a good look at my girls. They're loud and sweet, happy and fiery, charming and brutal, wild and adorable. There's the Adventurer (10), the Butterfly (6) and the Princess (3). They're unique, energetic and adorable.

Adorable chaos? I wouldn't have it any other way. Except for when I want it any other way. But I am grateful for my girls and their antics.  They challenge me to be a better person.

Got chaos? Here are a few things I focus on to help me adore it, because it won't last forever. Really, it won't. And you just might miss it when it is gone. So when things get out of control, take a breath and remember bedtime is only hours away.

  • Make an effort to stay connected. Focus on having a close, honest relationship.
  • Appreciate each stage and phase of their lives. The next phase may be worse.
  • Let them know they are loved, always. Even when they flush your favorite necklace down the toilet.
  • Learn to embrace the craziness as much as you can and enjoy it. Handle the really tough situations gracefully. Hide when you can't take it anymore.

Were you expecting rules?

Rules are not really my thing.  We have a sheet of paper somewhere with a list of largely ignored rules. Many of them are more like goals for my girls, like speak kindly and share generously.

We have one real rule at our house that my three darling daughters need to be reminded of daily. It started out as "No hitting," but needed to be expanded. It now reads: "No hitting, biting, scratching, hair pulling, pinching, eye gouging, butt kicking, or spitting."  It seems this has inspired them to find new ways to injure each other without officially breaking the rule, as written.

Welcome to my adorable chaos!

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