15 Sep 2014
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'Are These People Serious?'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

'Are These People Serious?'

GREENWICH: "Well considering I graduated 22 years ago from GHS and still live in town, these actions all transpired when I attended too. It was not as publicized but existed. Teens will be teens but I don't think that the school can be held responsible. This behavior starts because of what these teens see at home and whats portrayed in the media. Also these kids never are held accountable. [Their] influential parents seem to always know someone they can donate to or get them a free out of jail card. To me it's starts at home. PARENTS NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND BE A PARENT!!!!!!!! I was no angel in high school. Hell I barely graduated. I never went to college. But I own my own business and MY PARENTS ALWAYS TAUGHT ME WHAT WAS RIGHT AND WRONG. Today kids DONT KNOW AND DONT CARE and that is unfortunate. They dont respect property, people or themselves for that matter or they wouldn't act this way! JUST SAYIN!!!!!!! CLASS OF 1990 GHS and a PARENT!!!" wrote this in response to news that Greenwich police and school officials are .

MONROE: "Are these people serious? I'm amazed that given this economy, the continued manipulation of energy prices and the vise-like squeeze on the middle class, that these self-serving clowns would waste their time on this. Not to mention be dumb enough to sing its praises to the electorate." wrote this in response to news that The General Assembly unanimously passed legislation that will put a

STAMFORD: "A better question would be, should the owners be required to complete a certified training class? The dog was tethered, God knows for how long. This is hugely stressful and creates many issues for any animal. The owners were irresponsible, not the dog. Tethering a dog is abuse, plain and simple. Don't punish the dogs for the abuse from the owners. Most families love their animal companions and to call for broad restrictions on dog owners is not a viable solution. A better option is to charge each owner that has shown bad judgment, hold them accountable without harming the dog that has already been abused." Sally Johnson wrote this in response an article about a

WILTON: "We seniors want an excellent school system. It’s in our interest just as much as it’s in the interests of parents and children. We are hoping BOE members will focus on curriculum development and course offerings that recognize students, not staff, come first. Why? simply because most of the unsustainable cost increases for the last dozen years or so have gone to staff salary and benefits. The $6,000,000 increase during the last two years is heading mostly to existing staff and we are hiring ONLY TWO new staff. That is unfair to students, parents and seniors. They could easily hire 12 new teachers (one for each grade) to reduce the important teacher-student ratio and bank the rest. I like the wireless investment since it enables the use of iPads and other tablets that are certainly the most innovative classroom technologies since the chalkboard." wrote this in response to an article about Monday night’s .

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