Jul 29, 2014

We All Need Our Own Cool Out Space!

We All Need Our Own Cool Out Space! We All Need Our Own Cool Out Space!
Finding Your Own Cool Out Space!

I spent one morning this week at a local library's story time.  What a delight to watch 23 kids under the age of four!  After 1/2 hour of free play, the children all knew it was time to clean up, and they did it all, including pushing the toy bins into the closet.  They then knew to get their carpet mats to sit on for song and music time.  It was amazing to watch all of their young, happy energy, and their comfort with their routine. 

I then read Jane Nelsen's new book (co-authored by Ashlee Wilkin), Jared's Cool Out Space.  We all discovered how Jared traveled to space to manage his anger, and came back with an idea for a delightfully creative birthday present for his dad.  The children and adults were all engaged in the book throughout.  The Positive Discipline message in this book is the value of "positive time out" to help children learn self-soothing skills.

 It was great to be part of children who are doing all they are capable of, and watching their routine in action.  It was also wonderful to help bring the message of the need for children (and adults!) to learn to calm themselves down.  For young children, it may be cuddling with a blankie and stuffed animal.  For teens, it may be listening to music in their room.  For me, it's gazing out at nature, by myself.

If you would like to learn more about the Positive Discipline model, and how to raise respectful, resourceful and responsible children, check out our upcoming introductory and 6-week class schedule at www.positivedisciplinewesternct.org.   .

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Positive Discipline of Western CT promotes and encourages the development of life skills and respectful relationships in families, schools, and businesses in our local communities. We will provide classes to parents, caregivers, educators, and youth development workers, teaching how to raise a child using Positive Discipline skills.

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