Jul 29, 2014

Updated: Brookfield, State GOP Voters In Step

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee garnered the support of over two-thirds of Brookfield and Connecticut party members.

Updated: Brookfield, State GOP Voters In Step

Republican Mitt Romney, the presumptive 2012 party nominee for president, won Brookfield handily in Tuesday’s GOP primary with 66.5 percent of the vote.

Brookfield's results closely mirrored the state's, with Romney gaining 68.4 percent of the vote state wide, according to NPR, and the other candidates all falling within less than 1 point of Brookfield Republican voters.

Romney garnered 371 votes in Brookfield, with 137 coming from District I, (HHES) and 234 from District II, (BHS).

Ron Paul came in second with 79 votes (DI: 34; DII: 45), or 14.2 percent; Newt Gingrich third with 57 votes (DI: 22; DII: 35), or 10.2 percent; Rick Santorum fourth with 40 votes (DI: 20; DII: 20), 7.2 percent; and Uncommitted last with 11 votes (DI: 2; DII: 9), just under 2 percent.

The state followed Brookfield's lead down the ballot. Paul finished second with 13.5 percent (7,940 votes), Gingrich third with 10.3 percent (6,054) and Santorum fourth with 6.9 percent (4,046).


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With almost all of Romney's opponents now out of the race, turnout for the primary was low. The 558 votes recorded represent only 15.4 percent of the town's 3,615 registered Republicans, however that number is not much lower than .

The next major decision in the Republican race will be choosing Romney's running mate, which likely will not be made until closer to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL August 27-30. Weigh in:

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