20 Aug 2014
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'Thank You for Being a Good Friend to Many'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

'Thank You for Being a Good Friend to Many'

From Brookfield Readers:

"Rich, you definately "lived like that!" 
Thank you for being a good friend to many and living like Jesus whats us all to live. You will be remembered not only for your great qualities and the memories you are part of... but for "the Man" that lived within you and shined for everyone else to see." —

"I have been going to Britney for a couple of years now. She is fantastic!" —

"We need to stop spoiling our children with fancy toys they don't need. Seriously, what is a 14-year-old doing with a $500 piece of technology in her pocket? I'm not saying that she deserved to have the phone stolen, but entrusting a child with such a valuable item is just plain dumb." -   

From Neighboring Patch Towns:


"Definitely interesting ... I had no idea that I may not be buying from the actual farmers. There's nothing better than fresh home-grown produce, and the farmers should get the CREDIT for the quality of their wares. 'jobbers,' you haven't any ethics." -  

"I find it interesting that when President Bush was depicted as Hitler the general response was that 'the people are angry' 'The people despise W.' I did not see any condemnation or 'disgust.' Now that the shoe is on the other foot, well now it's 'disgusting and disrespectful.' As for the First Amendment? Then as in now, the LaRouche people are free and have every right to express themselves. Speech that some may find offensive SHOULD NOT be silenced but countered with more speech." -  

"People can't pick and choose what is considered freedom of speech just because they ' like the message....that includes politicians." -  

"He looks wonderful with that moustache. I think I'll grow one just like it" -  

"Why not put a blanket over him to prevent him from biting you, and take him to the vet to get his wing reset? It's better than looking at him and doing nothing about it...of course I have to admit a Goose dinner is pretty good, too." -


"I think your assessment is clearly without bias or spin. It's nice to get news instead of opinion. Thank you." -  

"Life is difficult if you do not fit in, regardless of why. People need to learn to accept who they are and move on from there. Society will not accept homosexuality as normal, no matter how much certain groups want to force acceptance because such a small percentage of the population is gay and the moral issues associated with it. What we do not need is more government programs to deal with issues that individuals must address on their own." -

"The same rules that govern Milford Hospital should be in effect at Board of Education property. This applies to both indoor and outdoor property. 
Smoking is not a right, it is a privilege granted with strict rules. 
As an ex-smoker I took measures to protect my health, I don't need others destroying my own good work with second and third hand smoke." -

"Money always has a role in an election! Look at 'O-Blamer', there was a lot of attention paid to his lack of finances for his re-election." - 

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