Jul 28, 2014
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The Urban Archeologist: The Sin of Regret

and and Easter Egg yet to be found.

The Urban Archeologist: The Sin of Regret The Urban Archeologist: The Sin of Regret

My new favorite gadget is my smart phone. The 5 megapixel camera is just large enough to take good quality picture for internet posting.  When I see something that I can’t pass up, I can shoot a quick couple of pictures and move on to the next item. I know I’ll never get rich if I only take a picture of the Holy Grail, but then again I’ll never become a hoarder either.

The “Shall Not” book is such an example.  I wanted to buy it but didn’t want the expense, so I settled for a couple of photos.  This book was clearly a result of the new color printing process of  the time, and though it is over 100 years old, the colors leap of the page.

It was for the title alone that I chose to photograph the book. This also raised a question in my mind: Who would reduce the Bible down to a list of about 30 color plates of things you should not do? Given the amount of text in the Bible I would have to imagine that there’s more than 30 “Shal nots.” Maybe after the first 10 the list gets more specific? Well, commit me to the sin of regret for not reading either book cover to cover, and for not taking more pictures of this one.

Also at this sale, I discovered a lone envelope sitting on a table, and for 3 dollars I took a chance. Inside was another mystery - A funeral bill for John William Nagle, and on the back was something I wouldn’t have expected. Take a look and see if you can decode this Easter egg of a mystery.  

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