Jul 29, 2014

Best Places for Lunch in Canton Under $10

We asked, you answered. Where's your favorite spot?

Best Places for Lunch in Canton Under $10
Right around lunchtime on Monday, we asked Canton Patch Facebook fans what their favorite Canton eatery is that serves lunch for under $10.

Wilson's Pub and LaSalle Market & Deli got lots of love from readers. Other popular suggestions were: 

Big Apple Bagels was a popular suggestion too, but no one in Canton knew where it was. To the amusement of both the reader and Canton Patch Editor John Fitts, it was discovered that Big Apple Bagels is in Canton alright, but all the way in Michigan!

Click on "31 comments" on the embedded Facebook above to see all the suggestions [That was the number at the time of publication; it may be higher now]. 

Where's your favorite lunchtime spot? Let us know where in the comments or add your review to Canton's Restaurant Scene.

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