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October Snowstorm: Day by Day

A look back at the 2011 storm.

October Snowstorm: Day by Day October Snowstorm: Day by Day

On Oct. 28, 2011 a Canton Patch news article acknowledged the town was preparing for a potentially severe storm but the tone was light. ' was a play on words and a reference to the annual Halloween event in Collinsville. 

By mid afternoon the next day the event had been canceled and many began to realize the warnings were real. This storm would have major impact. By late afternoon, Canton began experiencing serious problems with downed wires and trees as Patch continually updated a story about a rare October storm. Police, the town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department and Public Works crews began the long ordeal of trying to keep roads open and respond to emergency calls.

By evening, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy declared a state of emergency and warned residents that power would be out for quite some time. 

By Sunday morning, the community center was taking on the look of a shelter and by Monday residents began to 'settle in for the long haul.'

The town provided meals, library programs, movies and more and school was eventually canceled the entire week. The library/community center provided a place to charge devices and go online and Patch continued to utilize social media sites such as its facebook page to provide short, frequent updates and gather input and tips from readers. 

The storm aftermath was far from over Tuesday but some residents saw positive signs as partial power was restored to Route 44. 

By midweek there was mountain frustration at Connecticut Light and Power's delay in restoring power when promised but continued optimism as more and more restaurants on Route 44 offered residents the chance to get out for a bite to eat and get away from the confines of home or shelter.  

By Friday, Nov. 4 shelter services remained open and many remained without power but some normalcy had begun as Collinsville restaurants began filling up again. By Monday,  school had resumed and shelter services were greatly diminished.  

By Nov. 9, the town was still in full clean-up mode and selectmen voted to provide residential brush pickup. From there the town's Public Works Department continued storm clean-up well into December. 

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