Jul 26, 2014

Phishing Scam Targets Simsbury Bank Customers

Bank says customers should never get calls asking for personal account information.

Phishing Scam Targets Simsbury Bank Customers
Local police agencies have received numerous reports of an attempted credit card “phishing” scam over the last two days preying on customers of Simsbury Bank.

Residents are receiving automated phone calls indicating that their Simsbury Bank issued credit or debit card has been suspended. The call advises customers to press “1” for further information and then enter the card number and expiration date. A message then follows that the card has been “reactivated.”

Simsbury Bank officials confirmed this activity is fraudulent. The bank has posted a fraud warning on their website reminding customers that the bank "would never call you to request information about your account."

Several area police departments have reported similar activity.

If citizens receive such a call, they are advised to hang up and not enter any information. In the event information has been entered, citizens should notify their issuing bank immediately to prevent unauthorized use and obtain a new card number.

The criminal investigation is ongoing.

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