Jul 29, 2014
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Reader Urges Area Residents to Vote for Witkos

By Angela Campetti

Reader Urges Area Residents to Vote for Witkos

Hartford is in desperate need of  a balanced legislature. Right now it is overrun by Democrats and all we have gotten in return is higher taxes, higher gas prices, higher unemployment, (Government jobs do not count), and less of an incentive to move or stay here. Connecticut lost Overstock.com, Skip Barber racing, and more to come if we keep the House unbalanced. Overstock.com which employs 1,200 people, and Skip Barber racing school that has been here for over 20 years both of which brought an extensive amount of revenue to this state, packed up and left. All this is doing is pushing people out of CT. I myself, as a small business owner, plan on moving myself and my business down south if this state keeps heading in the direction that it is.

There is a candidate running for re-election for the State Senate seat in the 8th district. A candidate who has proven leadership, and proven to defend the liberties of  those in this district. A candidate who continuously fights for lower taxation, less regulation, and more individualism. A candidate who fights on behalf of not only the residents of the 8th district, but the businesses that create the jobs as well. A candidate who  acknowledges that there is a free market.  And most importantly a candidate who takes our Constitution seriously.  

These are characteristics that make a real Republican candidate. That is why I wholeheartedly support Senator Kevin Witkos and hope you will as well.

Angela Campetti is from West Simsbury

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