Jul 29, 2014
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Cheshire House Sells for Nearly Half Million Dollars

Payne Road house tops week's list of most expensive real estate.

Cheshire House Sells for Nearly Half Million Dollars

The following property transfers were provided by the

1286 Avon Blvd., $255,000, from James J. Marcucci to Justin Siniscalco on July 30.

764 West Main St., $150,000 warranty, from Tom LaFleur to Robert Boulanger on July 27.

75 Harrison Road, $325,000, from Laura Langello to Justin W. and Julie H. Kile on July 26.

1420 Marion Rd., $165,000, from Estate of James V. O’Brien III, to Daniel J. and Karen L. Myers on July 31.

539 Payne Dr., $447,000, from Matthew Weinberg to Paul and Patricia Marques on July 26.

264B Robin Court, $96,000 from John E. Guetens to Jarolsawz and Iwona Kowalczyk on July 30.

293 Bates Dr., $235,000, from Sam Cheng to Christopher Hunn on July 31.

380 Dryden Dr., $242,000, from Estate of Virginia F. Gaughran to Nichole Staples on July 27.


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